Read with Me!

    First 100 High Frequency Words

Read with Me! focuses on learning to read the

first 100 high frequency words.


These 100 words have been uniquely grouped

(to enhance reading success) into sets of 10 words,

selected according to frequency in written material, common sounds, common spelling

patterns and like meaning.

  Orlando Owl and his little preppie, Ottie Owl   

   Read with Me! includes:

  • A4 zip pouch (4 colours to choose from)

  • Personalised key ring

  • 10 Animal Words charts (10 words on each)

  • Flip book of 100 words (colour coded)

  • Activity cards

  • 100 Animal Words flash cards (colour coded)

  • 100 Animal Words flash cards (beige)

  • 1 whiteboard marker & eraser

  • I Can Read progress chart

  • How To (instructions for best use)

Each learning pack is individually created.

All charts, flip books and flash cards are

laminated to ensure long-lasting use. 

What does the research say?

The first 100 high frequency words make up approximately one third of all written material.  Learning to instantly recall these words is so important.  Instant recognition of these words leads to much more fluent reading and a far better ability to understand a given text (Walters, 2018; Fry, Kress, & Fountoukidis, 2000).

Reading by memorising words is something most children do when they’re first learning to read. It’s also something they need to do to be good readers. It’s similar to how actors master their parts. They do it by repeatedly practising their lines, until they know them by heart (Robin Margent, Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist).

Read with Me!

Read with Me!

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