'If you have a child beginning school, I can’t recommend Prepped to Learn highly enough to all parents! From the moment my 6 year old opened his personalised parcel, he was excited about giving the activities a go. I’m amazed at just how much his Read with Me pack has really helped him progress in his reading! As a parent with older children too, nothing this detailed was available for them when starting school. I’m so grateful my son has the opportunity through Prepped to Learn, to gain confidence, success and enjoyment through these fantastic resources. Congratulations and thank you for helping my child be confident about learning!'

- Lisa, Mum of 3, VIC

'Thank you Prepped to Learn. Izzy is just loving her read with me pack. She is loving the variety of ways we are using the sight words. After a week she is now identifying words in books and the loving the variety of ways we are using the pack. If you are looking for ways for your child to gain confidence and get off the iPad this is a small investment you will not regret. Thanks again Prepped to Learn, Izzy is certainly going to start school next year full of confidence!'

- Colette, Mum of 3, VIC 

'My 3 year old son loves the Read with Me First 100 High Frequency Words pack. He already recognises several words in the books we read at night and we have only been using it for a week!'

- Megan, Mum of 2, VIC


'My daughter started foundation this year and as parents, we didn’t really know how to support her learning at home. I love using the Prepped to Learn First 100 Words pack! It makes it simple and straightforward to practise our golden words at home, it has all the resources we need and some fantastic activity suggestions. It has given us some guidelines and structure so now we’re not as lost as we were at the beginning of the year. My daughter loves the reward chart. I can highly recommend this pack as an invaluable resource - it has helped us immensely! Fantastic customer service as well!!'

- Samara, Mum of 2, VIC 

'Prepped to Learn’s Read with Me pack has been an amazing tool to support my son in his first year of school. It’s fun, engaging and easy to use. As a mum of four, I’m always looking for ways to support my children in their schooling and I wish I had this pack when my other children were learning to read. Prepped to Learn has helped me fill in those gaps between my son learning at school and learning at home.'

- Andrea, Mum of 4, VIC


'Wow! What a wonderful program!! I have been an Early Years Primary school teacher, specialising in literacy co-ordination, reading recovery and remediation for around 40 years. I am extremely impressed with this program created by this well-informed, innovative, creative young teacher. This is an enjoyable, well-designed, sensible approach to the teaching of early reading. This first pack, “Read With Me”, focuses on the most frequently used words, which children need to recall instantly in order to begin reading, to read fluently and to comprehend. It is suitable for pre-schoolers to give them a head start at school, and also young students who are struggling to remember these important words.
I have just bought “Read With Me” for my 4 year old grandson. He absolutely loves his personalised pack, and can already read some words. Wow!
This program is beautifully presented, with clear instructions and many fun, hands-on, interactive games and activities that young children will love. If you want to give your child a head start to their schooling and develop a love of reading, I highly recommend purchasing Read With Me.'

- Julie, Mum of 3, Grandmother of 2, VIC






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